Often referred to as the “Land of the Morning Calm,” Korea, is a gateway to Asia, one-stop destination with sparkling attractions, offering breath-taking scenery, vibrant cities and ancient temples. This land of contrasts boasts 5000 years of history and culture while being a leader in the high-tech industry with pulsating metropoles and modern facilities.

Explore the capital, sizzling Seoul, visit royal palaces, shop till you drop, visit a living museum that recreates the lifestyle of several centuries ago, brush up on your taekwondo skills with an exchange program, feast at the traditional festivals, sample exotic cuisine, stay in a Buddhist temple or get a nip and tuck in ultra-modern healthcare facilities! The Demilitarized Zone a 2km area around the truce line between North and South Korea; the open air museum at Gyeongju, - for modern history buffs make up the Korean kaleidoscope.

Welcome to Korea!